Find local dentists and dental practices around London and EC3N 4AA with location maps and contact details. The link below takes you to a vastly improved NHS site which tells you what you need to know! This includes whether they take NHS patients and lots of other useful information. You can also find out whether they do orthodontic dentistry and other complex work.

Well worth a click.

Dental Surgeries

South Bank Dentists

Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7PB, UK – 020 7183 3558

When it comes to tooth pain, you quickly understand your teeth are Alive and Kicking. Yes I'm that old. A couple of root canals, gold teeth, the standard ones, and some fillings. This gives you a little overview of my exposure to the dentist professional body. Well, I never met any practice who looked so carefully and efficiently to my dental health. Bravo to the all team! And if you really don't want to go to Southbank Dentists for its high quality service, then go for it for its location: superbly situated in the County Hall, next to Big Ben, of course! Looking over your shoulders to see if you're still there, hahaha :)

London City Dentists

10 Lloyd's Avenue, London, Tower Hill EC3N 3AX, UK – 020 7488 4445

Dr Wayne Holness is amazing. I have been to Dentists in the past but none of them come on top like him and his two lovely Nurses. After suffering with some tooth issues for some time with not being able to 'bite' or 'clench' my teeth together properly, Dr Holness discovered what the issues where in an instant and worked his magic on my teeth. Within less than 24 hours of seeing him not only was I able to bite properly again, I was also able to clench my teeth together again :) I am so happy to have finally met a Dentist with Nurses who really do care about the true health of your teeth and also truly look after you as their patient. Dr Holness is now my new permanent Dentist.

Single-dentist practice with two dental nurses. Lovely, competent, kind dentist who did everything he could to make me relaxed (including letting me choose the music!) Dentist does all cleans himself. Really highly recommended; will hopefully be my dentist for a very long time.

Charles Landau Dentistry

6 Prebend St, Islington, London N1 8PT, UK – 020 7226 3424

Great dentist. After visiting a couple others and having bad experiences this is a great find.

Friendly and skilled dentists, with kind and helpful staff providing private and NHS services in a very clean and modern surgery.