Clothing, Waterproofs, Hiking Equipment

Mountain Warehouse Covent Garden

3 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HA, UK – 020 7836 8112

Nice mountaineering shop where you can buy efficient equipment for the mountain and for the city too.

Interesting place


422-426 Mile End Rd, London E1 4PE, UK – 020 7790 0900

Best armyshop in London. Latge variety of army surplus. Also very good online shop.

Army gear outlet. Great assortiment. I had earlier that day visited 4 outdoor shops in London looking for a sleeping bag that keeps me warm at -20C. None had one in stock (Cotsworld, Snow and Rock, Blacks). One of the attendants of Snow and Rock recommended Silvermans as that he buys all his gear there. They didn't just have 1, but 3 types in store. One even went to -40C.

Liquiproof Ltd

Sutton Yard,, 65 Goswell Road, London EC1V 7EN, UK – 020 3006 2260

Liquiproof revolutionized the meaning of protection When it comes to sneaker/shoe (whatever the term you use) protection and care, it's important you look deep into which products can offer you value for money and help you expand the lifetime of your product (this being the shoe). Liquiproof offers a friendly approach to shoe care (and even care for your clothes), which includes no toxic elements as can be seen in other products in the same niche - along with being effective and lasting. Liquiproof is a liquid-based product which you apply to your trainer and it forms a thick coat of protection which makes your trainers water, alcohol and oil resistant along with eco-friendly and non-flammable. The formula itself allows your creps to breathe and renders it almost oderless which is very effective if you plan to wear your trainers on a regular basis. Thankfully down to this formula it allows your sneakers to last longer and perform better. It allows you to do your every day business without being extra cautious with getting your shoes dirty and overall f**ked. This being said, in near enough every occasion you'll only need a one off purchase of Liquiproof in order to protect your creps for life, this helps you save potentially hundreds (possibly thousands depending on your crep collection) which competitors such as Crep Protect are simply unable to do. Joining (and also forming) the Liquisquad I've not regret my purchase with Liquiproof, they're polite and socialable as a team and even help customers out with random care packages to ensure you're protecting your shoes. Let Liquiproof help protect your shoes so you don't have to, and bring life to your trainers through protecting them with Liquiproof (I can assure you, you won't need to buy another shoe protection product). Shoe care products offered by Liquiproof are just as effective as the products they sell for protection and also eco-friendly, Liquiproof products can be used on practically anything within the materials stated on each individual product. Join the Liquisquad like I did Bring life to your creps. EDIT: I use Liquiproof on both of my Yeezy Boost 350 V2, not regretted any of my purchases at Liquiproof, they have protected both my Yeezys in heavy rain on many occasions!

Great product!

Camping Equipment, Tents,

Waterloo Camping

37 The Cut, South Bank, London SE1 8LF, UK – 020 7928 4110

Fantastic shop! Best customer expierence I have ever had!!! Such a friendly shop keeper. Asked for my name, had a chat and I bought exactly what I needed! Returning again when will need some new camping bits. Recommend to everyone.

fantastic shop! super nice owner, very friendly and helpful! Coosy place where ... you dig and always find what you need! Truly recomended!

Cotswold Outdoor London - Holborn

311-318 High Holborn, London WC1V 7BN, UK – 020 7831 9957

The young lady serving me at counter is very friendly and knowledgeable on many outdoor clothes products. I have been a customer for outdoor clothing for more than 35 years and worked outside for 47 years. Although the shop has a little less stock than Covent Gardens from the same supplier, she can look up at the Internet to search for the special brand of clothes I wish to order. They will be delivered promptly by the company. Very well laid out shop in very friendly environment.

Extremely knowledgeable staff who are friendly and social. Great range of products and superb value.

Snow + Rock

47-51 King William St, London EC4R 9AF, UK – 020 7256 3940

Great staff and great ski boot fitting. The staff tend to be avid skiers and their recommendations have been great would really recommend the store for outdoor wear!! (Also have a runners world here too)

Good location for being close to London Bridge. Shop assistant is warm and professional. Decent selection of goods as well. Overall a pleasant shopping experience.