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102 Druid St, London SE1 2HQ, UK – 020 7237 2299

So, I have recently started riding again (after over 20 years), got my full Licence and have kept my little Suzuki Van Van that I bought to learn on. I picked this garage not knowing anything about it, but because it was near my work. I have taken my little Van Van here twice, once about 6 months ago for a service and again today for its MOT and to get some Hot Grips fitted. The two brothers who own and run this place are really good, friendly and offer a great service. They know their bikes and do a great job. They also do work at a good competitive price and certainly won't rip you off. I don't know much about bike mechanics and to be honest, don't really want to..! They are happy to do little jobs as well as big jobs, which for someone like me is really valuable. I previously popped in for a chain adjustment and they only charged me a fiver. This place is highly recommended - knowledgable, friendly and quality work done at a good price.

Couldn't ask for better service than I've had from Steve and Tony. Really nice blokes who know BMW bikes inside out and have managed to keep mine going beautifully inspite of some of my less clever stunts... Can't recommend them highly enough.


425-427 Roman Rd, Bow, London E3 5QS, UK – 020 8983 4111

chaps at scootech always so helpful and friendly

Really helpful guys, the mechanics know their stuff.

London Scooters

13 Crucifix Ln, London SE1 3JW, UK – 020 7378 1667

Helpful & Friendly - These guys have gone above the call of duty a couple of times for me. Makes me doubt the negative feedback.

Decent price. I had an issue with my speedometer and I went to another garage who told me it was my speedo cable, I wasn't sure so I went to London scooters. they actually had a proper look and told me, that it wasn't my cable but the drive. They ordered the part, quickly fixed it. Job done.