The Friends of the City Churches

Abchurch Ln, London EC4N 7BA, UK – 020 7626 1555

Amazing place to visit. It is church of St Mary Abchurch, a medieval church that dates back to the twelfth century and is dedicated to Virgin Mary. Place is full of history and stunning art work.

Popped into the church during my lunch break today. I was met by a member of the Friends of the City Churches who gave me a very informative talk on its history. Stunning dome and interior by Grinling Gibbons. Well worth a visit.

Saint Etheldreda's Roman Catholic Church

14 Ely Pl, London EC1N 6RY, UK – 020 7405 1061

The place is very quite and warm. It has a 1:00pm mass during the weekdays which is good for working faithful Catholics. The entrance is not that noticeable as it is facing parallel with the road, new to the place won’t find it easily but just looked to the left and you will find the small door which lead to narrow hallway. Very solemn place of worship.

The best one in town for getting some decent sandwiches with cold milk!

St Margaret’s Church

Lothbury, London EC2R 7HH, UK – 020 7726 4878

Beautiful church, atypical of Wren designs but not in the Top Ten of Square mile churches

A church with the record of Rectors from 1181. A solemn place to talk with the Lord undisturbed. Bibles and worship sheets at arms length go there to pray at your convenience.

Click picture to see Lacock's 4 virtual tours. Ring 01249 730439 for details.
One of the first and one of the best of the church finding websites.

Most churches are listed although some have not entered a great deal of detail about themselves. The churches at the top of the list have the fullest entries. You will need to click FOR MORE for the rest.

You should have no trouble finding churches within the London area.
'Church Near You' is a Church of England directory but other denominations can also register free. Entries go from a basic name and address to comprehensive details about the churches listed. However very many churches are not listed at all so you may need to go to Find A Church to see more churches around the London area.
The Thompson guide lists places of worship for every denomination, creed and faith. You just see the name and address plus an email button in some cases. The Thompson guide has truely excellent maps!