Links with the Lord Mayor

Over the years many Lords Mayor have been entertained by the military in the Tower, some like Sir Richard Gurney and Sir Abraham Reynardson not so willingly - both were imprisoned here by the Army during the Civil War. However, for many years the Fusilier Officers have, by tradition, entertained the Lord Mayor at the 'City Luncheon' towards the end of his mayoralty by way of thanks for the City's support for its Regiment.

The Regiment have the Right to march through the City of London with bayonets fixed, drums beating and Colours flying. This privilege was granted to the Royal Fusiliers in a document signed by the Lord Mayor of London on 13th October 1924 and it is exercised on special occasions. The Regiment marched through the City of London on 29 April 1994 and, most recently, 2RRF exercised their privilege of marching through the City of London, Colours flying, drums beating, bayonets fixed on 23rd September 2008.

The Regiment normally provide a detachment to take part each year in the Lord Mayors procession following his installation. The Fusiliers were particularly pleased to take part in 1994, the year that one of their officers, Colonel Sir Paul Newall, was installed as Lord Mayor.