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Health News Spot - Health warning! Clicking any item will take you to the full BBC news item which can be distracting!

Covid-19: Vaccine offers for all those aged 56 or over

People in the age group are being invited to book their first vaccine from this week.

Covid: Nurses condemn 'fundamentally flawed' PPE rules

The existing recommendations are based on out-of-date evidence, the Royal College of Nursing says.

Covid: Dalai Lama urges others to get vaccinated as he receives first shot

The Tibetan spiritual leader urges others to "take this injection" as he gets the AstraZeneca jab.

Women's health: Female patients to be asked about 'gender health gap'

There is "strong evidence" services for female patients in England need improving, ministers say.

Click on Medical and Medical Research Charities on the Charity Choice website charity selector
Very good general health website from the NHS information about illnesses, diseases, finding your BMI, growing old gracefully, care of the elderly, over 50s health, children's health, mens' health, women's health, addictions and much more. Really important stuff. Give it a browse and you might live longer!
British Medical Acupuncture Society. Contains information about meetings and advice for patients and health professionals plus search facility to find acupuncturists in EC3N or anywhere in the UK


British Medical Acupuncture Society

60 Great Ormond St, London WC1N 3HR, UK – 020 7713 9437

Excellent regulated medical body

AcuBody Therapies

London Natural Health, 46 Theobalds Road, London, Camden WC1X 8NW, UK – 020 3823 6888

Without knowing exactly where to start, I can say with conviction that I have had a wonderful experience with the humans at Acubody and especially Duncan. I called him after many disappointing and hurtful doctors consultations, as a last ditch effort to start healing from the many ugly symptoms of my newly found celiacs disease. I was never really sick before so had little need for doctors and never tried anything but conventional medicine, but both my parents had had pleasant experiences so urged me to try. I was hesitant because not only was i over people who didn’t seem to care about my issues, but I’m beyond terrified of needles, so the idea of willingly allowing someone to stick them all over my body was daunting, but desperate times, and all that, so i called. From the phone call to our first session to the last one, Duncan has been amazing! He’s listened attentively, given realistic goals and expectations and is always curious about any change, good or bad. He was professional but crazy friendly, amazing with the needles, trust me-he’s magic, and explains why and where the needles are going and reasons his methods. Being in that room for the hour, was both a therapeutic and restorative time for me and I’d find myself excited to get needled. He has dealt with the majority of the ugliness and i know i will see even more improvement in the sessions to come. I’m eternally grateful and so glad that my path led me to him! Also, the price of the treatment was also ideal much to my student wallet’s happiness. Simply put, Duncan is the best, there are no ifs ands or buts about it.

Duncan gave me acupuncture for a few issues I was experiencing. He was calm, professional, kind and really tried to understand and resolve the cause of my issues which so far haven't returned. I would definitely recommend him.

Chisense Acupuncture Health Beauty

62 Green Dragon Yd, London E1 5NJ, UK – 07853 984877

I have been getting excellent results with acupuncture for over 20 years so when I became ill on holiday in London, I sought out an acupuncturist right away. I found Wen to be top notch. I would definitely seek an appointment with her again if I needed help when in the area. I only wish she were in my hometown because she was clearly very skilled and experienced as well as caring and thoughtful.

Dr Wen is brilliant! The experience from the get go was so relaxing and she really listens and gets to understand your body and how it’s functioning. Then I had my first acupuncture session; I’ve had acupuncture before but nothing like this, I felt currents of electricity as some of the needles went in and when’s seen left me to relax my body felt like it wasn’t mine any more, a sheer state of relaxation. There were odd sensations of pain and warmth which Wen mentioned may happen and was your body opening up and blood flowing more freely! Will keep updated on my progress in terms of health but so far SO GOOD!

Complementary Healthare Information Service UK with information about all sorts of alternative therapies from Acupuncture to Bowen technique to Reiki and Yoga.  Search for alternative health practitioners in London.

Alternative Medicine

Holistic Health

64 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ, UK – 020 7275 8434

Clinic offers big range of treatments with experienced therapists. If you are not sure which treatment is suitable for you friendly receptionist will be able to help you. Highly recommend!!

I've been seeing Yuriko regarding some health issues since 2016 and visiting Holistic Health is always a pleasant and therapeutic experience. Yuriko is a warm, considerate, knowledgable and attentive naturopath; she's made a significant positive impact on my health/lifestyle and helped me when NHS doctors could not. I've recommended her to many. Thanks team Holistic Health :)

Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine

60 Great Ormond St, London WC1N 3HR, UK – 020 3456 7890

After drugs didn't help. I tried alternatives not having much faith but hands down its been so helpful. The doctor is so caring and my condition has healed.

Loved this Hospital ,love Homoeopathy

Baliga Ayurveda

Universal House, 204c, 88-94 Wentworth St, London E1 7SA, UK – 07720 236036

Dr Baliga has been amazing! I came to his practice because I have been experiencing pain in my heel (plantar fasciitis) for the past 10 months. After trying just about every other treatment, Dr Baliga helped my narrow down the source of my pain in a few weeks and I am now pain free. I am so thankful and highly recommend him!

Definitely recommend! My Gran gave me some money for Xmas for a treat so I carefully researched alternative treatments and chose Ayurveda as it seemed to match my health aspirations and philosophy. The dude at the clinic was so thorough and helped me in so many areas with supplements that I combine into my health regime; and I really feel energised, which is a miracle in winter!

Useful NHS site with information for every type of carer. It provides details of the services or benefits affecting carers, carers' workers and voluntary organisations and others. Find out if you will have to pay for your own long term care, research money and financial implications, the wellbeing of all carers, the needs of young carers. Search for carer services such as dementia care and respite breaks around London or anywhere in the UK with the search facility.
This is a good NHS site for finding doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals and urgent care in EC3N or anywhere in England. It also lists Dentists accepting NHS patients!

BBC Healthy Lifestyle Website - the importance of exercise, exercise for children, diet and finess plans.
This is the NHS website with information about all sorts of mental health issues including depression, breakdowns, phobias, self-harm, over-eating and more.
Search for mental health services in EC3N or anywhere in England.
Health A to Z, conditions and illnesses, symptom checker. Online discussions and communities, news and topical articles.
NHS site for England and Wales. Health A to Z of conditions and illnesses. Information about the NHS and its services and management. Search for NHS services in EC3N and London.
Health companion for travellers - offers customized medical kits and advice on medication. Check the tablet and vaccination requirements and tips.
The NHS website with advice for healthy travelling - inoculations required for travel, inflight health. Lots of stuff that you did not Know you did not Know - some of it really important!
Useful travel health website from NHS with travel advice and search facility to find where to get a yellow fever innoculation around London.
For many conditions and symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS, Emotional recovery after breast cancer, redundancy, confidence & self esteem, anxiety and many more. Many on offer. Professional, caring and thoughtful company.