The Threat of Napoleon - The Napoleonic Wars, The Peninsular War 1796 - 1815

War against France was declared in May 1803. Parliament consented to an augmentation of the army and in July 1804 the 2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers was reformed.

In 1809 The Fusiliers landed in Martinique where, following the surrender of the French at Fort Bourbon, they captured three Eagles, the equivalent of British Colours. As a reward for their brave efforts, the Fusiliers were allowed to keep the Eagle of the 82nd Regiment of the French Line which today is displayed in the Royal Fusiliers Museum in the Tower.

Of all the ten battle honours awarded to the Regiment in the Peninsular Campaign of 1809 - 1814, the name of Albuhera is one of the proudest borne on the Colours. Each year on 16th May, Albuhera Day, Officers and sergeants of the Fusiliers and the Royal Welch Fusiliers, have been members of each others messes.