Royal Fusiliers In Memoriam

Captain Colin Winser TD Served 1st Bn Royal Fusiliers 1950/51 and 8th Bn Royal Fusiliers TA for many years. A great supporter of the Fusilier Association. Died February 2015

Paul Newall -Lord Mayor of london

John Morley Lord Lieutenant of Devon

Shipton: Captain John Shipton. Died 15 August 2013. Served 1RF Korea 1952-3. Assault Pioneer Pl Comd. Also Served 8RF TA

Jones: Lt Col Alan Jones served 1RF and RRF 1964-1998. Secretary West Wilts SSAFA 2004-2013. Died 14th May 2013.

Hawkes: Captain Russell Hawkes. Served 1RF Suez & Sudan and 8RF for many years

Williams: George Williams. Awarded MC in WW2 serving in 8 RF. Died aged 94


Goddard: Captain John Goddard. Died September 2012. Served 1RF 1949-1954. Korea, Germany, Egypt, Sudan.

Botwright: Major Bertie Botwright MBE. Died August 2012. Served 1RF & 3RRF. Formerly RSM 1RF and QM 1RF & 3RRF

Kitchen: Thomas Kitchen. Died 1 August 2012. Served with the Royal Fusiliers 1952 to 1955.

Skey: Major Charles Skey. Died July 2012. Served 1RF and 8 RF TA

Piper: Drum Major Piper. Died July 2012. Served 1RF and 3 RRF

Phillips: Major Jonathan Phillips. Died 17 March 2012 . Served 1RF 1950-1970s. MMG Pl Comd and A/Adjt Korea .


Crowley: Terry Crowley, Served 1RF. Died Jan 2011. For 20 years dedicated Secretary to 1RF Association


Hedley: Major Roger St George Hedley 1928-2010. Served 1RF & 8RF

Simmonett: Major Bill Simmonett MBE (served RF & RRF) 1930-2010

Coombe: Lt Col Frank Coombe MBE, former CO of 8th Bn Royal Fusiliers, died Jan 2010

Waterkeyn: Captain Darragh Waterkeyn, died 2010, Royal Fusiliers 1949-56. Served Korea 1952-53