Care Homes

Residential care for the elderly in around London. Also listed are Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes. Very much a starting point only but a useful reference none the less.
Muriel Street Care Home

37 Muriel St, London N1 0TH, UK – 0333 434 3060

Great place to work!

Bridgeside Lodge

61 Wharf Road, Islington, London N1 7RY, UK – 020 7250 0156


A fantastic and caring place.

Barchester Healthcare Ltd

3rd Floor, The Aspect, 12 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AS, UK – 020 7382 2860

As a regular visitor to Thackeray House I have noticed the rise in stress levels with the Carers. Often only 1 carer is left on the floor to serve meals and answer calls - something has got to give. We want more Carers throughout the day. We understand the reduction of staff is due to a Head Office directive - it is unsafe for our relatives in this sort of environment. It won't be just the staff leaving but your fee paying residents.. it's awful to witness the lack of consideration given to the staff. Visitors should be interviewed to tell you the reality of your directives. Please deal with the staffing issues THEY cannot cope with work levels especially between 11am and 3pm.

great work experience. would recommend 8/8

Westport Care Home

14-26 Westport St, London E1 0RA, UK – 020 7790 1222

Excellent, care service all round

Hawthorn Green Residential and Nursing Home - Sanctuary Care

82 Redmans Rd, London E1 3DB, UK – 020 7702 7788

Anchor - Silk Court care home

16 Ivimey St, Bethnal Green, London E2 6LQ, UK – 0800 085 4152