AcuBody Therapies

London Natural Health, 46 Theobalds Road, London, Camden WC1X 8NW, UK – 020 3823 6888

Duncan gave me acupuncture for a few issues I was experiencing. He was calm, professional, kind and really tried to understand and resolve the cause of my issues which so far haven't returned. I would definitely recommend him.

Duncan was really helpful with all my problems . I always feel very comfortable and I would happily use him again . clemence

Acupuncturists London

18 Devonshire Row, London EC2M 4RH, UK – 07830 325856

I have been going to see Jonathan for a few months now for Acupuncture. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia which is an incredibly painful neurological condition. I went there after 2 years of medics just giving me more drugs or telling me surgery on the brain would be the best way. In the time that I have been going to his practice, Jonathan has taught me a lot about how to look after myself and how to encourage my system to be better with itself. We have talked about causes and how to manage it myself rather than going straight to the prescription pad which I was heavily reliant on before. I am now taking a much smaller dose of medication which I never thought possible and I am gradually learning how to look after myself better. I could not recommend Jonathan highly enough. I am very grateful for his help.

I was treated at this clinic for a number of weeks because I was suffering from anxiety and symptoms of IBS. I had really bad pains from the IBS, which disappeared by session four. The anxiety also cleared up quite quickly. I understand now that in order to keep myself symptom free, I have to manage how I look after my body. I am very grateful that I met Jonathan as I had been seeing doctors for years with no results.

Dr (TCM) Angelo D'Alberto

Acupuncture London Token House, 11/12 Tokenhouse Yard, London EC2R 7AS, UK – 020 7954 9298

After four failed fertility treatments, I decided to pay a visit to Angelo. We underwent out fifth IVF treatment alongside acupuncture sessions with Angelo and we are currently expecting twins. I would definitely recommend Angelo's services; appointments are readily available and he is very accommodating. Angelo's sessions are one on one, therefore giving you the required attention and care you need. His friendly personality and caring approach make the sessions relaxing and something to look forward to!

I found Angelo to be very knowledgeable and very professional. I had accupuncture for fertility and it worked perfectly! I fell pregnant 2 months after starting my sessions. Angelo was also able to give me lots of advice and help, more so than my own doctor! My husband has also since visited Angelo to help with a skin condition. Both of us have been really happy with the service and subsequent outcome. Highly recommend.

Alternative Medicine around London

Alternative and complementary medicines and therapies in EC3N

Aromatherapists around London

PH Therapies

Finsbury Town Hall, 90 Rosebery Ave, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4RP, UK – 07803 722571

Great massage therapist


Fairfax House, 15 Fulwood Pl, London WC1V 6HU, UK – 0330 100 3515

Fantastic customer service. Aaron (customer service) dealt with my query on the spot and was very professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend this company.

G Baldwin & Co

171-173 Walworth Rd, London SE17 1RW, UK – 020 7703 5550

This is a double fronted shop. One side is a traditional old world apothecary the other a modern health food shop. On both sides the staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and unfailingly kind. Always check if they have whatever you want in their own brand first as they are scrupulous about their sourcing. Although they also have an online shop (which I also use sometimes) I generally prefer to go there in person to shop so I can browse and see what new wonderful things I can discover. A great place to find health and beauty products made by smaller, independent manufacturers.

Their online shop is excellent, everything is always shipped fast and packaged well. Their customer service is great too. Have used them quite a number of times to buy various herbs and will continue to do so. :)


Wework Old Street, 41 Corsham Street, Hoxton, London N1 6DR, UK – 07771 806458

Elizabeth has been my chiropractor for one and a half years. The first time it was because of an annoying back pain I'd had for many months, that she solved in a few weeks. Then, I've become a regular customer given my job, hobbies and bad posture habits. Elizabeth is very competent in her field, in a matter of seconds she understands where the problem comes from and what to do to solve it, and she gives useful tips on how to avoid it coming back. Moreover, she's a very pleasant person so no lack of enjoyable chats during sessions with her!

Elizabeth is a great chiropractor and has helped with my lower back and tight shoulder issues. She is passionate in her job and offers extremely great service! (: One time my sister had strained her lower back and needed immediate help. Elizabeth was able to squeeze in time and see her super last minute and help her relieve the excruciating pain in my sister's lower back. Elizabeth even made time a few hours later to see her one more time just to make sure my sister was alright. Great and professional service, would 100% recommend!! Thank you Elizabeth! (:

MotionBack (High Holborn)

88 Kingsway, Holborn, London WC2B 6AA, UK – 020 7112 5408

I have been to the practice twice and feel much better since. Andy was very professional and amicable. He explained carefully everything he was doing. He also took the time to ask relevant questions to understand the broader causes of the symptoms I was experiencing. I highly recommend him.

Andy is fantastic. I've had a back condition since childhood and his treatments have helped me massively. He communicates with you throughout the treatment what he's doing and why and that's really reassuring. My previous experience of a Chiropractor (although they did help) was *crack-crack*, "see you next time" and didn't give me any long term answers or advice. Andy has provided stretches and advice on top of my treatments that have really helped. Also, being able to book online and see his availability makes planning appointments very easy. If you have HSF Andy also emails you over an invoice to make claiming back your treatments easy. Highly recommend MotionBack!

Broadgate Spine and Joint Clinic

65 London Wall, London EC2M 5TU, UK – 020 7638 4330

Would highly recommend Gary Weir. Tells it how it is and has been a great help

Excellent service, I’m being treated by Gary Weir. If you have any complaints with your back/posture or other aches and pains make an appointment to see him. His approach is straight forward and no nonsense, really good at explaining the problem and ways in which to improve the complaint you’re suffering with. I’d been having lower back pain and after seeing Gary he explained my problem and instructed me on a few techniques to help. After 2 return visits, listening to his advice, carrying out the exercises he’d shown me as well as a few life style changes he suggested I’m feeling so much better mentally and physically. I’d recommend Gary to anyone.

Homeopathy around London

Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine

60 Great Ormond St, London WC1N 3HR, UK – 020 3456 7890

After drugs didn't help. I tried alternatives not having much faith but hands down its been so helpful. The doctor is so caring and my condition has healed.


Judith Havas Homeopathy

Marchmont St, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1AP, UK – 020 7833 3159

I first visited Judith nearly 5 years ago with my 18 months old son, who had a persistent cough. The cough was gone after receiving homeopathic treatment from Judith. Over the years she treated my two sons for a great variety of childhood ailments from tonsillitis to ear infections. I also received treatment from her during my second pregnancy. Judith is very caring and professional. I found her treatments very helpful, she also gives very good health advice.

Judith Havas has been my homeopath for over 16 years, and I could not recommend her more highly. She has helped with many physical and psychological problems. With her immense sensitivity she is able to ascertain precisely which remedy to begin a cure and then will select follow up remedies to complete it. She is sympathetic, thorough and patient. Having established my constitutional remedy, often this is all I need to set things to rights. I could say ‘Anxiety’ is my middle name and I can drive friends crazy with my constant worrying, but Judith, with her gentle understanding, has many times found the remedy which helps restore my equilibrium. She also helped me through my breast cancer treatment, alleviating the inevitable side effects and monitoring my progress, and was always there with reassurance and advice. Recently she has alleviated an ongoing personal health problem. I would happily recommend her to anyone. Idina Le Geyt. London.


295 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4DQ, UK – 07951 455645

Amazing. Waliur

Occupational Therapists

Royal College of Occupational Therapists

106-114 Borough High St, London SE1 1LB, UK – 020 7357 6480

The home of Occupational Therapists - our charity and trade union via (BAOT Unison). Great venue for OT training and conferences...nice staff on reception and the food is always good...

Calido Occupational Therapy Services

East Rd, Hoxton, London N1 6AH, UK – 020 7250 8252

Health Management

115 Southwark Bridge Rd, London SE1 0AX, UK – 0845 504 0202

Vision Express Opticians

120 Cheapside, Westminster, London EC2V 6BT, UK – 020 7796 1593

I am really surprised that this store has some bad reviews because I only have good experiences. The optometrist girl who did my eye test was just amazing, so nice and so helpful. She shared all the information I needed and I did not feel being rushed at all. I got monthly contact lenses and a new pair of glasses for a great price, it was a bargain.

Had a morning appointment, if that makes any difference. Not my usual store, but closer to work so easier. I arrived a little early but was ushered straight into a small room for the first part of my test. Was told to return to the waiting area after, but as soon as I sat sown I was called in by the optometrist. A very complete test was given by a polite guy who explained everything clearly and answered all my questions. Since I was getting new frames I was then handed to one of the sales assistants. Again, a very good experience. The woman was very helpful and honest. There was no up-sell or forcing of unneeded extras - just helpful, honest advice. Very happy with the experience and will definitely be using again.

Vision Express Opticians

108 Fleet St, London EC4A 2AF, UK – 020 7353 0078

After dropping one of my last contact lenses first thing in the morning, i was allowed into the store early and the service was exceptional. Couldn't be more helpful! And i left shortly afterwards after being provided with a free pair of daily's. Thank you so much!

I used this branch for several years before moving overseas, and always received good service. Besides the regular eye-care, the staff helped on several occasions with emailing me a copy of my prescription, letting my pick up my contact lenses a week early when I needed to reschedule a checkup, and making it very easy for me eventually to end my direct debit (the person I spoke to also reminded me to cancel the direct debit with my bank, which I might not have done otherwise). The only problem I had was with the branch being closed on weekends. That's not unusual in the area, but did make fitting appointments around work hours a bit difficult.

Specsavers Opticians London - London Wall

150-151 Salisbury House Shops, London, London Wall EC2M 5QD, UK – 020 7330 1130

I purchased two new pairs of glasses from the store. Unfortunately one of the pairs had a defect which resulted in the coating peeling off one of the frames. The manager replaced the glasses without charge, and I received the new pair within three days. Very satisfied with the service, and will use them again, as they appear to cope well with any problems that may arise.

Excellent, professional service from Nikita at my recent visit, thank you! All staff appear attentive and friendly.


Farringdon Osteopaths

122 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1R 5DL, UK – 020 7206 2681

Geoff is brilliant. I went to him with a sore hip after a 26 mile hike, with a sore shoulder after swimming, and with a hurting foot, and in all three occasions he got me back to my old self again with a combination of treatment and exercise. Very highly recommended!

I had a fantastic experience with Geoff, he is so knowledgeable, I was getting really painful hands from the nature of my job, which he sorted out, and he gave me a really effective quick excercise so I could avoid it happening again in the future and I haven’t had painful hands since. I happily recommend Geoff to everyone.

Central London Osteopathy & Sports Injury Clinic

325 Old St, Hoxton, London EC1V 9LE, UK – 020 7739 5666

I thoroughly recommend Torben and the clinic. I had a painful neck for several weeks and I feel it has improved after just one session. I look forward to going back. Thank you Torben!

Both mum and I attended and felt so much better. This is an excellent clinic for your back or anything that goes 'click'. Great location too. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Victoria Park Osteopaths

The Clockwork Pharmacy, 215-217 Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD, UK – 020 8985 2004

I've always been helped a great deal here. Adam is amazing.

Adam has successfully treated my aches, pains and injuries for many years. He is a sensitive and effective practitioner who will really listen and respond to what your body needs, whether that's strong, deep work or subtle fine-tuning. After a treatment I feel a tremendous release, and I have recommended his practice to several of my yoga students and massage clients.

Physiotherapy in EC3N

London Bridge Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Clinic, London Bridge Hospital, 27 Tooley St, London SE1 2PR, UK – 020 3553 6042

Saw Saskia Walker who was excellent, professional and very helpful.

Central Health Physiotherapy

53-64 Chancery Ln, London WC2A 1QS, UK – 020 7404 6343

In recent weeks I have had a calf strain injury and being a very keen runner any injury such as this is a bit of a concern. Paul King provided me with some excellent physio as usual and then suggested I have some soft tissue massage. I made an appointment with Lizzy Hewitt and she has proved to be top class. I have now had a couple of sessions with Lizzy and each one has proved to be highly effective and I cannot recommend Lizzy highly enough for sports massage. She has given me guidance on stretching, too and is definitely my go to person for any muscular tweaks and aches and pains. Five star!

I was recommended the lower limb strengthening class after having surgery on my knee, and not quite feeling like I had recovered fully 9 months on. After having a couple of one-2-one physio session with Jamie Lee I was ready to start his Tuesday morning classes. My knee has gone from strength to strength – I saw definition coming back within a month and the minor aches and pains melted away. I have also been able to go back to playing Netball too! I would highly recommend both Jamie Lee and the LLS classes.

London Home Visit Physiotherapy Moorgate

114 London Wall, London EC2M 5QA, UK – 020 7125 0262

I cannot thank Inès Laï Su Maine enough for the treatment. Her method of is very unique but made such a difference to my back. I will be booking in regularly!

I had a knee injury and saw a couple of physiotherapists, both were really good and friendly. They gave me some advice and answered all my questions. Plus the service is excellent and it's easy to book.

Psychiatrists serving EC3N

London Psychiatric Clinic

26 St Thomas St, London SE1 9RG, UK – 0844 995 5123


Royal College Of Psychiatrists

21 Prescot St, Whitechapel, London E1 8BB, UK – 020 7235 2351

Good advice

Rcpsych home of all UK based psychiatrists liked it or not! This is now a really nice building with facilities for members to use which are truely great.

Private Psychiatry LLP

Keats House, St Thomas Street, London SE1 9RS, UK – 01732 836320

Psychotherapy around London

Allan Gois - Psychotherapist in London EC1

55 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4AN, UK – 07964 923971

Allan is a very insightful psychotherapist. His diverse experience allows him to provide a solid counselling and psychotherapy service. He helps clients and patients to feel welcome and comforted, yet keeping a thoughtful and insightful approach.

Lucas Teague Psychotherapy

The Courtyard House, 170 Brick Ln, London E1 6RU, UK – 07894 526987

I worked with Lucas for 8 months and He really helped me a lot working on my fears and my poor self-confidence. I started the counselling mostly for my problems with relationships and in the same time I started to date my actual boyfriend. I was very scared and full of questions and I really believe that Lucas and the counselling contributed to build my relationship when it was so fragile in its beginning. Me and my boyfriend We recently celebrated 1 year that we live together. I think Lucas is really professional, giving the right space and in the same time the humanity to feel confident to completely open yourself. He really loves his job.

I met with Lucas over a period of several months. I was going through probably the hardest time of my life, suffering from depression, extremely low self-esteem, self-harming and suicidal thoughts following a traumatic life event. I felt comfortable talking to Lucas; it was easy to open up and tell him my innermost thoughts without fear of judgement, in a safe, caring environment and quickly we developed a healthy relationship through which to tackle my issues. Through my darkest times of complete self-hatred where I only saw one way out, he was able to help me identify a grain of self-love that lay within, and nurture it and grow self-love and acceptance of myself and who I am. LH

KlearMinds Counselling in London

Longcroft House, 2/8 Victoria Ave, London EC2M 4NS, UK – 0333 772 0256

Maggie is brilliant at what she does. She doesn't sugarcoat and will help you find a way out of what you are going through. Would highly recommend!!

I'm a 27 year old man and I started seeing Maggie for a variety of reasons. I suffered from self-confidence / self-esteem issues, anxiety, lack of focus and depression. In just 13-14 weeks (one session a week) she has helped me revitalize my life. I was skeptical at first, I thought to myself how can just talking to someone help me figure out what path I want to go down? or help me out of anxiety?... I couldn't have been more wrong. She is very very good at what she does. Straight talking, doesn't beat around the bush or sugar coat anything and its exactly what I needed. During the time I was seeing her, I started doing my football coaching licenses and I'm convinced I passed because she helped me believe in myself. Right now I'm writing this review from Louisiana, US. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for her and I haven't had a negative thought, felt anxious or felt depressed since I have been here. In fact I feel more confident in my own abilities to get things done than I have ever before. A life changing 3-4 months. If you're skeptical, don't be. She is worth every single penny. After all what price can you put on your health / mental health.

NHS Choices website with details of Stop Smoking Services, contact information and location map. Search for help to quit smoking in London

Reflexology around London

Learn to be well - Reflexology & Grinberg Method

103 Worship St, London EC2A 2DF, UK – 07463 861218

Very pleasant Pilates studio close to Liverpool Street Station. Charlotte is a very experienced therapist and I personally have not found anything to relax as deep as with reflexology. For me much better fit than traditional massage. Charlotte will also be able to explain you all the relevant stress points , but my main reason of going is the deep relaxation. I fall asleep deeply every time and sometimes even wake up asking myself where I am. Fit one hour into your stressful work week and will help to balance the stress much better.

Charlotte is an amazing person and practioner. I tried a lot of different therapies for my neck issues, but Charlotte was the only one who could help me. I absolutely recommend Charlotte.

Feet Pray Love Reflexology London

Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1BW, UK – 07968 287042

I had a very bad problem with my Achilles heal and underneath my foot, where I couldn't even walk. Once I have been there I realised that she does just cure the foot pain. But she actually diagnoses the full body and the systems with the foot. And she gives a detailed diagnosis. And all that I have to do is to enjoy the experience of the best foot massage (ever). I feel my head and my body is lighter and the pain is gone. Definitely going back and would recommend anyone.

My session with Rosanna truly opened my eyes to reflexology. To be honest I was fairly ignorant and skeptical about the subject before I met Rosanna but her warmth and expertise convinced me that I needed to book in a session with her. What a blessing! She made me feel completely relaxed from the moment I came in the room and I couldn’t believe the effects during and after the session. She truly put me back in touch with my body (I was astounded to find how much she could tell about me from my feet!) I have been sleeping better since my appointment and feel more relaxed and in tune emotionally and physically. I will definitely be booking another session!

The Reflexology Space

2A Tiverton Mansions, 140 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8AZ, UK – 020 7240 1438

I had my treatment last Saturday afternoon here, at 3.15-4.30pm. I was let in to a nice warm room and greeted by a smiling therapist. During my treatment, which I was really enjoying, suddenly there was a hard knocking at the door. I opened my eyes and saw that the therapist didn’t want to stop working and ignored the door knocking. I saw the time, it was 4pm only. I closed my eyes again to enjoy my session again. After a few seconds, there was another set of hard nervous knocking at the door which lasted till the end of my treatment, till about 4.10pm. I dressed up and thanked for my treatment which I really found very relaxing till that hard knocking at the door. Upon leaving the room, I saw a black African woman at the door looking inside the room. I made my way downstairs to the bathroom, and accidentally stoped as I heard the conversation of the therapist and the black girl who did start to knock at the door at 4pm. The therapist asked her to come back at her appointment time and said that her knocking disturbed the previous client treatment - mine. The black woman shouted “ you want me to come back in 20mins?????!!!!! “ “ I am the customer and I want my treatment now!!! “. I felt sorry for the therapist. After my way out of the bathroom, the black woman was gone, and I managed to speak to the therapist. The therapist said that, the black woman was not even booked in real for this day, as she checked the rota and she could not find her name. After all this what I saw, I really felt sorry for people who have to tolerate such rude behaviour!!!