Choosing a school around London. This is an Australian video but has some really good Tips!

Independent Schools - Prep & Secondary - for London

Independent Schools for London - private preparatory and senior schools. Prep schools age 8 yrs to 11yrs or 13 yrs. Senior schools age 11yrs or 13 yrs to 18yrs. Some independent schools have a pre-prep department (age 3 to 8yrs) as well as prep and senior schools. Independent schools can be co-educational or single sex.

Secondary Schools

Oaklands Secondary School

Old Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6PR, UK – 020 7613 1014

One of the first and only choice we made for our child, who'll be attending the school from next September, Reason we took the decision, we have other family members who'd attended the school and also some are currently studying there. They all are seem to be doing very well with their education, and from their results and recommendation we decided to pay a visit 2 weeks ago. I was extremely pleased to see two of my former teachers Mr. Bonning and Mr. Purton still teaching within the school and I'm talking its over 20 years I've left school. These two teachers are great individuals always want the best for their students and provide real quality teaching. The headmistress she is the foundation of the school and also with experience and great results. Listening to her speech during the open evening she just convinced me and my wife along with my child. Thank you Oaklands

Darul Hadis Latifiah Secondary School & College

1 Cornwall Ave, London E2 0HW, UK – 020 8983 3663

Saw some students from this school on the underground going on a trip recently. They were all sensibly reading - it was fantastic to see. Makes a big change from students shouting or playing on their mobile phones. Spoke to the teacher and he said that they emphasise reading and aim to foster a love of reading. Really impressive stuff.

I went to Darul Hadis to deliver a workshop on PSHCE. I must say that I found the boys to be brilliant. Their behaviour was excellent and their contributions to sensitive topics were thoughtful and mature. I look forward to working with the school in the future.

Morpeth Secondary School

Portman Pl, London E2 0PX, UK – 020 8981 0921

I love this school it is the best and the teachers are all so nice to me. My favourite is PE because the teachers are very HOT. (OMG they r so buff). Anyways guys you should all go to Morpeth as it is the best school. It is better than all other schools although the teachers are very sexist (apart form the PE teachers). (I AM A TEACHER BEING FORCED TO SAY THIS BY JEMIMA REILY THE HEADTEACHER)

I was her from 2009 to 2014 all teachers were kind even grumpy old mr white but best was support a lady named Samantha Hennesy was soon hot

Independent Schools

Best Boarding Schools Worldwide

145-157 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4PY, UK – 020 3026 9440

It looked good

Charterhouse Square School & Nursery

40 Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6EA, UK – 020 7600 3805

Charterhouse Square School is founded by original headmistress Jamie Mason with school fees set at £425 per term! Over the course of the next two decades we go on to gain a reputation for all-round academic performance. In March the school becomes part of Cognita – a worldwide group of schools founded by Sir Chris Woodhead, former head of Ofsted. In December Caroline Lloyd takes over as headmistress fifteen years after first joining the school. When space becomes available in an adjacent building, the school expands to occupy a total of seven floors in our much-coveted Barbican location. This allows the school to add a dedicated Early Years area, a school library and an art room. n further work to improve the school site, the entire basement and ground floor of number 40 is completely remodelled. The addition of bi-folding glass doors to link our Green Room to its outdoor sand and water area is a particular hit with the children. Charterhouse Square School celebrates its 30-year anniversary with a surprise party for the children and a ball for parents, teachers and friends of the school. The school is also featured in The Good Schools Guide for the first time.

City of London School for Girls

City of London School for Girls, St Giles Terrace, Barbican, London EC2Y 8BB, UK – 020 7847 5500

City of London School for Girls (CLSG) is a independent school located in the City of London. It is the partner school of the all-boys City of London School and the City of London Freemen's School All three schools receive funding from the City's Cash.[1] History The school was founded using a bequest by William Ward, a merchant of Brixton, in 1894.[2] It was his conviction that girls should be given a broad and liberal education with an emphasis on scholarship; he left a third of his fortune to the City of London to fund the foundation of a girls' school, a £20,000 legacy for the City of London Corporation. The school now receives financial support from the City Livery Companies as well as banks and other City firms. Links with the City of London remain strong – the City administers the school and the Board of Governors is appointed by the Court of Common Council. The school has strong links with its brother school – the City of London School is just a 15-minute walk away. The school celebrated its 110th Anniversary in 2004–2005, under the title of 'Women in Leadership'. It celebrated its 111th Anniversary in 2005–2006, under the same title. It celebrated its 112th Anniversary in 2006–2007 under the title of 'International Women in Leadership'.

My daughter currently attends but has been very unwell with a long term condition. The way the staff have consistently "gone the extra mile" for her and us shows a level of care that is exceptional. As a parent that is the most important thing and I would happily recommend the school to anyone considering sending their daughter there.

Local Authority Schools - Primary & Secondary Schools

Local Authority primary and secondary schools for EC3N 4AA . LEA primary schools age 4yrs (the year in which a child is 5) to 11yrs. Secondary schools age 11yrs to 16yrs or 18 yrs. Each school has a local catchment area.

Primary Schools

Vittoria Primary School

Caretaker House, 38 Half Moon Cres, London N1 0TJ, UK – 020 7837 6063

Hi there, I would like to know where I can find historical information about Vittoria Place School Islington. My friend's uncle Ernest John Loder was admitted to this school on 4th Sept. 1905. I realise the school opened in 1879 & the name changed in 1951, but I can't find any history relating to the early 1900's. I am in Australia and doing family history for my friend and would love to be able to give her more information about any of the Loder children who may have attended. Their mother died in 1914, and the younger children were place in the St John's Islington St Mary's workhouse. Yours sincerely, Gail Costigan White, Brisbane Qld Australia.

I go here it’s pretty good!

Hanover Primary School

Noel Rd, Islington, London N1 8BD, UK – 020 7689 8949

A friendly and supportive school with a wonderfully welcoming community. The focus on reading at the school is truly outstanding with both of our children now avid, curious and rampant readers. The new head has a clear agenda of what he would like to improve one school and their seems to be an excellent learning culture throughout the teaching staff.

My daughter is nearing the end of her time at Hanover and it has been the happiest seven years. She has thoroughly embraced all aspects of school life and enjoyed every moment of her time there, making good friends and strong bonds with staff. Just watch the children banging on the doors to get in in the morning! Happy school.

Albion Primary School

Albion St, London SE16 7JD, UK – 020 7237 3738

The new building is designed with considering not only growing children’s emotions but also increasing teacher’s passion for teaching. It’s really inspiering place for children!