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German Deli

3 Park St, Borough, London SE1 9AB, UK – 020 7378 0000

It’s a very small shop, but you’ll be able to find most things you want

Absolutely love this place. My partner and I have been looking for somewhere to buy German food and this shop has lots of old favourites that my partner remembers from his childhood. We love that we can get things like landjaeger, which is something we've only been able to buy when we go to Germany.

L Terroni & Sons

138 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1R 5DL, UK – 020 7837 1712

A good shop with a decent range of Italian food products - prices vary. The costumer service has been good.Worth visiting if you are fond of Italian delicatessen

Long established 'old-school' Italian deli cum eatery plumb in heart of the traditional Italian settlement in London. Exactly what you'd expect at reasonable prices, rather indifferent service, and acceptable but not particularly memorable food. Deli selection a bit tired. Bene but not molto bene.

Bellavita Shop

11C Dock St, Whitechapel, London E1 8JN, UK – 020 3002 8466

Their food is very good. We had few issues with the previous order made in December but bellavista took responsibility for it and we had perfect service since. Good seller!

THE best place to buy fresh pasta and great wine in the whole of East London, plus it’s incredibly well priced considering the quality. They also have evenings with prosecco and nibbles, plus the staff are lovely. Cannot recommend it enough.

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Holland & Barrett

130-131 Cheapside, London EC2V 6BT, UK – 020 7726 6069

Love H&B! They always have a good deal and the staff willing to help. Good selection of health products from Vitamins to Gym supplements.

Laura is a great assistant. She handles customers’s query very well

Planet Organic

64 Essex Rd, London N1 8LR, UK – 020 7288 9460

I love this store. They offer organic, local produce, allow BYO bags, have a delicious prepared food sections and lots of vegan-friendly products as well as environmentally friendly home goods (cleaners, shampoos, etc). They are very responsive to customer feedback as well and are clearly dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact with continual improvements to their practices and products.

There are lots of organic products here. We also have cooked salads and sweets. There is a pharmacy in the back, it is suitable for people with allergies.

Holland & Barrett

43 Borough High St, London SE1 1LZ, UK – 020 3620 7791

Really nice staff and considering how small they are, they have a lot of products!

Easy to get to

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