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Angel Delicatessen

48 Cross St, London N1 2BA, UK – 020 7226 1951

A friendly and family-run neighbourhood cafe. Great selection of paninis and the lasagne is always delicious.

Great deli with very friendly staff. A small but quality wine selection and their mortadella is fantastic. Well worth a visit and the coffee is decent too.

L Terroni & Sons

138 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1R 5DL, UK – 020 7837 1712

It looks like this place has two entries on Google, I've written an elaborate review for the other entry. :) This place is really fantastic and I've been here many, many times. It's my favourite Italian shop in London!

A good shop with a decent range of Italian food products - prices vary. The costumer service has been good.Worth visiting if you are fond of Italian delicatessen

German Deli

3 Park St, Borough, London SE1 9AB, UK – 020 7378 0000

Great selection of German delicatessen, I highly recommend the Schoko-Brownie Ritter Sport!

Super friendly staff and a good selection of German products that bring back memories from back home!

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Planet Organic

64 Essex Rd, London N1 8LR, UK – 020 7288 9460

I love this store. They offer organic, local produce, allow BYO bags, have a delicious prepared food sections and lots of vegan-friendly products as well as environmentally friendly home goods (cleaners, shampoos, etc). They are very responsive to customer feedback as well and are clearly dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact with continual improvements to their practices and products.

There are lots of organic products here. We also have cooked salads and sweets. There is a pharmacy in the back, it is suitable for people with allergies.

Planet Organic

10 Devonshire Square, London EC2M 4AE, UK – 020 7220 9060

I love this shop. It is a haven in the city, an oasis of calm that has a courtyard with flowing water, a lovely spot for a quick lunch (the courtyard has poor acoustics though and can be echoey). The food is amazing, great variety of hot and cold options, wholesome real food, some crazy expensive but also some reasonably priced if you shop sensibly. Great stop to stock up on good food and vitamins if you work in the city and want to look after yourself with real food and products.

Friendly, helpful staff and good product range. Nice healthy food and drinks to go.

Snowsfields Wellness

41 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SU, UK – 020 7407 9910

I cannot recommend Simon Brocard enough. He is a magician when it comes to the human body. I have never worked with an osteopath like him, nor have I ever experienced the kinds of results that he is able to produce. He practices classical osteopathy and is extremely gentle, tending to avoid physical manipulation. If you like being 'cracked' you might be initially disappointed, but I would urge you to give him a try nonetheless. His approach is holistic and comprehensive; he doesn't just treat the point of pain, crack a few vertebrae and then send you on your way; and he will often spend time unwinding, and unpacking layers of pre-existing conditions in order to locate the source of your pain. It can take a few sessions, but It's worth investing your time if you're keen to eradicate some of your chronic problems, rather than accepting that they will just reoccur at some point in the future.

Has a lot of healthy options

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