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Golf courses serving the London area

Junkyard Golf Club

Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL, UK

Good fun playing indoors so you don't have to worry about our good old dependable British weather. The holes are nicely varied with some being more challenging that others. There is a bar half way through the courses so if you run dry, you can top up if you wish. There's a limit of about six people per team as per the score card and it makes sense since you'd be on each hole forever in larger groups.

Good fun! Half price entry on Monday and Tuesday for students. The golf course wasnt too long, and all the teams follow eachother so you sometimes had to wait to get to the next, bit they're mostly well spaced so you never have to wait too long. Its good because you can go with a group larger than 6 and still go round together.

Pitch Golf London

Hasilwood House, 60-64 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AW, UK – 020 7628 9424

I've been visiting the great Pitch setup since it opened. The setup is second to none, fully kitted out with GC2 launch monitors, Catalyst swing plates, front and rear video and a SAM puttlab. Since starting my lessons I have dropped from a 22 to 7 handicap and have my eyes opened to what makes an effective golf swing and how best to manage that swing. For a friendly but informative place to learn golf in London, look no further.

Top class set-up. All their kit is brand new, with Hi Def cameras/screens really a step above other video coaching studios I've seen. Best place in London for the serious golfer to work on their game. Adam is a great instructor. Uses the tech to augment teaching without being overly technical and reliant on it.

City Golf & Health Clubs

40 Coleman St, London EC2R 5EH, UK – 020 7796 5960

A very good place to go for Personal Training in terms of location and cost without having to be a member. hardly ever queue for equipment as the main users are either PT clients or private members. They have about five or six trainers, I personally trained with Dave Selkirk who is very knowledgeable and has introduced a lot of new variety into my workouts. for the hourly rate you get on 10 sessions, you would probably have to sign up for 12 weeks of 3 weekly sessions to get the same rate from some of the "PT-only" outfits in town so has been great value.

An absolute gem! A fantastic golfing experience in central London. In addition, this is the perfect substitute for the usual lunches/coffees/dinner with current/potential client and have an entertaining round of golf while enjoying the exclusivity that comes with a golf club. Highly recommended for a golf session, client meeting, company event or even a simple lunch!

Gyms and Fitness Centres with cardio-vascular and weights equipment in EC3N

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Nearest Gyms

The Gym London Walworth

332-334 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2NA, UK – 0330 055 3960

After the refurbishment the weight area was expanded by putting the two benches in what was previously the classes and stretching area. That really made a huge difference. There's also 2 more squat racks now which is fantastic. I absolutely hate the foor as it's bouncy and really difficult to squat or pull deadlifts on. I use the platform for that but i often have to wait to do that. I don't understand why the gym has so much cardio equipment when in this particular location there's a lot higher demand for free weights, but hey can't be perfect. For 20 quid a month it's awesome. I'm also really happy they got new (and more) foam rollers as previously there was only 2 extremely gross ones.

The value for the price is amazing. But expect the basic, it's just that the basic is well delivered.

The Gym London Waterloo

195-203 Waterloo Road, Barons Place, London SE1 8UX, UK – 0844 384 3280

First time there today. From the reviews I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. Light and airy, lots of equipment and at 6:15am not too busy. The changing rooms were spotless. There was only 1 member of staff on at that time but everytime I saw her she was talking to members. The only thing that annoyed me was the mess in the weights area. For Christ sake put the weights away. I have never walked in to a weights area so badly looked after by its MEMBERS before...yes,'s not down to the gym staff to clear up after you. The same is true of the changing rooms...don't treat it like a toilet.

Really a nice place to train. Always clean. 24hours opening witch is awesome. I recommend to everyone. For less than 30£ a Months. Unbeatable;)

The Gym London Angel

265-269 Goswell Rd, London EC1V 7AH, UK – 0330 055 3722

You get what you pay for really so can't complain. Don't expect any extras it is just a gym with little else. There are classes available and good selection of machines, although it doesn't seem there are enough of some types for everyone. Shower facilities are ok but doesn't really offer many places to hang items up so you'll find you'll have to put everything on the floor. For the amount you pay to join though it's good enough.

Passable equipment, but the amount of customers means you have to actively avoid certain time slots if you aim to use specific equipment. The locker room lockers are overdue for replacements as many of the locks don't function properly

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Leisure Centres Reviews and Pools

Finsbury Leisure Centre

1 Norman St, London EC1V 3PU, UK – 020 7250 1303

Considering the post code this would be a fantastic facility. Decent parking availability. Space for the gear and backpacks. Good size pitch up to 7 vs 7. 8 vs 8 is already too much, otherwise one could enjoy a good game.

I gave a 4star to the centre as I know a lot of badminton players there and the floor is good and warm inside

Mulberry Sports & Leisure Centre

Richard St, London E1 2JP, UK – 020 7790 3854

We hire an artificial football pitch there every Friday. The pitches are small and the ball often goes out of the cage due to fence height being short. good customer services though

Love hate relationship with the 3 sided cage, those damn nets both spoil and add an extra dimension to the game, the indoor facilities are good, could do with a bar

Britannia Leisure Centre

40 Hyde Rd, London N1 5JU, UK – 020 7729 4485

Great little local gym, generally not too busy, easy to park and people who come here are really friendly - no big egos. Decent selection of free weights, a squat rack, Smith machine, 4 benches, random area where you can do monkey bars / punchbag / etc, two types of leg press machines, a pull down etc. Oh, and loads of cardio machines, if that’s your thing (but if it is, try lifting weights, it’s much more fun...)

What a difference a year makes. I took a year away from this place and I'm highly impressed. After an apparent much needed injection of funding, the Hackney Leisure Centre has expanded in side and upgraded is equipment, making it a serious contender in the affordable gym market. Furthermore, the centre is set to expand further in coming years. Watch this space.

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Sports Clubs

Rainbow Sports Bar

72 Shoreditch High St, Shoreditch, London E1 6JJ, UK – 020 7739 2959

As soon as I entered, there were some top melons pressed against me. Decent start, but it got better from there. Straight into the VIP for a very reasonable dollar, great banter all over the place. VIP was unreal. Wife wasn't too happy but there was a direct taxi from outside to a door in king's cross with a star on it. Expensive night, but well worth the two grand. Been morning glory for the last week. Recommend it to everyone.

Well, it's one of the few places of its kind in the area. Ok for a quick appetizer, but the main course is questionable. The alley outside isn't a place you want to hang around at midnight...leaks are taken.


Danco Shoes, 134-135 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JE, UK – 020 7739 3440

This is a cool little place where its name really does resemble what the place is like. It's a box room with screens literally everywhere. So no matter if there is a giant in front of you you definitely won't miss out on seeing any of the match. Not expensive, good starting place before you go out out.

Could do with bar upstairs having better seating to watch screens but other than that decent all round

Golden Lane Sport & Fitness

Fann St, Golden Lane Estate, London EC1Y 0SH, UK – 020 7250 1464

Some of the staff are quite cold. Other are very welcoming. It isn't loke Virgin gym or any other fancy sport centres. But for what is worth it is actually more than Ok. The swimming pool and classes are the strong points, the actual gym leave a bit to disappointed as the equipment are a bit too basic

Great place for workout during your office hours. Not too crowded. Small compared to other fusion gyms but adequate.

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