Gyms and Fitness Centres with cardio-vascular and weights equipment in EC3N

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The Gym London Walworth

332-334 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2NA, UK – 0330 055 3960

After the refurbishment the weight area was expanded by putting the two benches in what was previously the classes and stretching area. That really made a huge difference. There's also 2 more squat racks now which is fantastic. I absolutely hate the foor as it's bouncy and really difficult to squat or pull deadlifts on. I use the platform for that but i often have to wait to do that. I don't understand why the gym has so much cardio equipment when in this particular location there's a lot higher demand for free weights, but hey can't be perfect. For 20 quid a month it's awesome. I'm also really happy they got new (and more) foam rollers as previously there was only 2 extremely gross ones.

The value for the price is amazing. But expect the basic, it's just that the basic is well delivered.

The Gym London Waterloo

195-203 Waterloo Road, Barons Place, London SE1 8UX, UK – 0844 384 3280

First time there today. From the reviews I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. Light and airy, lots of equipment and at 6:15am not too busy. The changing rooms were spotless. There was only 1 member of staff on at that time but everytime I saw her she was talking to members. The only thing that annoyed me was the mess in the weights area. For Christ sake put the weights away. I have never walked in to a weights area so badly looked after by its MEMBERS before...yes,'s not down to the gym staff to clear up after you. The same is true of the changing rooms...don't treat it like a toilet.

Good gym .... 24/7 to accommodate everyone needs... very clean...

The Gym London Angel

265-269 Goswell Rd, London EC1V 7AH, UK – 0330 055 3722

You get what you pay for really so can't complain. Don't expect any extras it is just a gym with little else. There are classes available and good selection of machines, although it doesn't seem there are enough of some types for everyone. Shower facilities are ok but doesn't really offer many places to hang items up so you'll find you'll have to put everything on the floor. For the amount you pay to join though it's good enough.

I absolutely love the classes here, they're so much fun. Would highly recommend if you're the type of person that works out better with a group.