Gyms and Fitness Centres with cardio-vascular and weights equipment in EC3N

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The Gym London Angel

265-269 Goswell Rd, London EC1V 7AH, UK – 0330 055 3722

Cheap compared to other London gyms in the area! The gym is to small for it's busy location/traffic, so If you're coming at peak times don't expect there to be much space or machines vacant. Most the classes are good but the class space again is to small, especially during peak time.. sometimes you can barely move. However, for it's price it's worth it and depending what times you go! Weekends are much quieter.

This is the first proper gym that I've joined, given that I'm pretty shy I expected the worst. Every single employee who I've approached has been nothing but wonderful, understanding and really helpful. Giving tips and just being genuine people instead of some of the standoffish personal trainers I've met in the past. Definitely would recommend to newer people. Amazing service.

The Gym London Waterloo

195-203 Waterloo Road, Barons Place, South Bank, London SE1 8UX, UK – 0330 056 3931

My gym in Charting cross was closed for refine but the staff here were very helpful giving me a quick show round and pointing out where everything was. Lovely big weights area with actual space to would benefit proper spin or watt bikes though and an upgrade for the treadmills as I couldn't do interval sprints without the machine turning off!

First time there today. From the reviews I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. Light and airy, lots of equipment and at 6:15am not too busy. The changing rooms were spotless. There was only 1 member of staff on at that time but everytime I saw her she was talking to members. The only thing that annoyed me was the mess in the weights area. For Christ sake put the weights away. I have never walked in to a weights area so badly looked after by its MEMBERS before...yes,'s not down to the gym staff to clear up after you. The same is true of the changing rooms...don't treat it like a toilet.

The Gym London Walworth

332-334 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2NA, UK – 0330 055 3960

All the equipment you will need in a gym, only down side is it packed most times of the day- but I guess that shows it that good a place to go for some gym time.

I like that is 24hours so on the occasion I can't sleep I am able to go for a work out. The classes are brilliant too.