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London Fencing Club

Cowper St, London EC2A 4SH, UK

Great club: friendly members and excellent coaches

London Fencing Club

Finsbury Leisure Centre, Norman St, London EC1V 3PU, UK

The club's beginner's course is a must - even if you don't plan to continue fencing - great atmosphere, it provides a nice workout and a very useful and intriguing insight into fencing. I joined a club a few months ago after said course and the club is great! The coaches are absolutely brilliant and everyone can find a suitable trainer, suited to one's needs and timeframe. There are trainings almost every day so it is easy to fit it around one's schedule. And Tim and his team are very supportive and helpful. I would highly recommend this place to both beginners and competent fencers.

You won't be disappointed with this club. Spectacular coaches that will help you all your way, even in competitions. I started with the intensive workshop, and already signed up for three times a week. You have tough warm ups to put you into tone, and you have intensive sessions like the ones on saturdays running for 3 hours. You can choose location, as there are two gyms, and have a shower if you feel like it. Don't have your own equipment? No problemo, they'll lend it to you! Eventually I got mine, it's an investment, yes, but, isn't fencing worth it? And not only the fencing is great over there, but as well, the fencers themselves are all great lads, none of that brute drunken hooligan rabble you find in other sports. These are hand picked humans, finest around. After fencing we all go to the pub and chat until they throw us out. What can I say, IT CHANGED MY LIFE! But of course, that's exactly what I was looking for... PS: I no longer live in London, but I travel 1hr30min every saturday to London from Buckingham (near Milton Keynes), taking a bus and then a train and then the tube (and back). And I do that for three reasons, the club, the fencers and fencing. Were these three bad or disappointing, I would certainly had not bothered. So, what are you waiting? Join the club, I want to make new friends. PS 2: I'm back in London, fencing regularly 3 times a week. Just got back a month ago from a club organized fencing trip to Spartak Fencing Academy in St. Petersburg. You don't get these things anywhere else. Amazing place. Join now, or repent!


135 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JE, UK – 020 7739 3440

Good spot to watch football. Awful when busy, to buy drinks. Who, (apart from people who don't like beer) wants Coors Light? Then draught all beers go off and you can only buy bottles for over a fiver? The sign that says"bar staff required, no experience required", pretty much sums it up. Either way, the people that served me were polite and decent people. Just hugely overworked and out of their depth for how busy it was.

Watched a boxing fight there. £10 entry on the door, which only got you through the door, no free drink. It drew a crowd that was quite knowledgeable about boxing. Enough space in there to see the screens and enough seating if you get there early enough. You will have to find another review to see how it is as a club. As a note the place emptied very quickly after the fight. As a place to watch sports it was decent.

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