Local Parks & Gardens

Victoria Tower Gardens

Millbank, Westminster, London SW1P 3JA, UK – 020 7641 2390

Great spot on the House of Lords end of the Houses of Parliament. Gets pretty crowded around lunch during the week, but is a pretty quiet place at the weekend. You'll find the Buxton Memorial in the middle of the park - a monument commemorating the emancipation of slaves. If you're lucky you'll see a goose or two nibbling the grass, if you're really lucky they'll be Egyptian geese

Nice little hidden spot south of the Houses of Parliament. Large open grassy areas and benches along the waters edge. If you're lucky you may see some new organisations filming interviews with political pundits and others.

Trinity Square Gardens

38 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4DJ, UK – 020 7364 5000

This is a peaceful place, ringed by important buildings and bits of London's ancient Roman wall. Within the park is Edwin Lutyens’ Tower Hill Memorial(1928), dedicated to the almost 24,000 merchant sailors who died in both world wars and have no known grave. To the north is Trinity House, topped with a ship's weathervane and housing the General Lighthouse Authority for England and Wales. To the west is the massive former Port of London Authority building (1922), lorded over by Father Thames – it's now a Four Seasons hotel. To this place you can easily reach the metro, the station is called Tower Hill, and Fenchurch Street Station. At night it is also very beautiful and illuminated. The view of The Shard and Tower of London is indescribable! Obligatory to visit when you are in the capital!

Good place to enjoy the view and sit down. If you're curious, check the names of all the navy man fallen at the inner circle and the structure facing the tower of London.

Postman's Park

King Edward Street, London EC1A 7BT, UK – 020 7374 4127

Well maintained park. Was a perfect place to sit and have lunch in the City of London on a sunny day. Would thoroughly recommend, especially on account of the fact that there were no pigeons in site. The park could do with another bin as the one that it has overflowing.

Just a beautiful place to look at some simple memorials to ordinary people who did heroic things. Sit and reflect, eat your lunch, relax, pray, remember, dream ... this is a simple and historic little park to do any or all of these. I found it inspiring even on a wet and windy day in March - am definitely going back in the summer.

Great website!. Click below to find gardens open during the year around London or London. There are photos and lots of detail about the garden.