Local Parks & Gardens

Wapping Gardens

Tench St, St Katharine's & Wapping, London E1W 2PA, UK – 020 7364 5000

Small park for kids with swings and slides and AstroTurf. Has a tennis court and a small football pitch. The park does has benches all round but the grass has a lot of dog poop where lazy dog owners do not clean up after thwir dogs which can be off-putting. A variety of people type from families and kids, to friends and then you get the odd up to no good youths sometimes. They are no trouble to you directly but definitely would be a better place without youths looking for what they deem as fun where others deem as nuisance.

The place is not big but is quite nice here.

Queen Square Gardens

Queen Square, London WC1N 3AU, UK – 020 7974 1693

Good place, not great. Very close to Great Ormond street Hospital for sick children. Very quiet, lot of benches to sit for hours together . Good views, beautiful flowers! Overall great place to hang out near famous GOSH.. .

Absolutely beautiful park!!! Lovely for just relaxing and enjoying a beautiful clean park

Trinity Square Gardens

38 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4DJ, UK – 020 7364 5000

First of all great location and amazing views! Lots of seats all around the garden where you can sit down and rest. Green area where you can lay down and have picnic. Also have historical architecture. Close to Tower Bridge and with the view to castle. Just cross the road are plenty of places where to pick up lunch. 1 min away from closest tube station. Ideal place for rest if you are tourist or need a lunch brake.

Lovely square. Beautiful views to Tower Bridge, Four Season Hotel and Tower of London

Great website!. Click below to find gardens open during the year around London or London. There are photos and lots of detail about the garden.