This is a revolution! We are used to going to a bank with a business plan and been lent money on very high rates of interest - but only under increasingly demanding conditions. Crowd funding is the public investing directly to the businesses - at all stages of their development. Crucially there is a huge range of projects and Crowd Funders. You could do worse than just read and then click some of the WiKi link below.

Crowd Funding and Business Loans

Funding Circle

71 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4AY, UK – 020 7401 9111

Several years ago the Funding Circle provided First Technology Transfer with a loan to help develop our next generation real time programming courses. This year we approached them for a further loan to fund the development of a series of distance learning programs. We obtained a further loan. The whole process was dealt with courteously and professionally. Many thanks to all concerned.

Excellent service and so quick and easy. At the time my bank took over 6 months to arrange a loan. Funding Circle helped us within days.

Crowd for Angels

Painters Hall Chambers, 8, Little Trinity Lane, London EC4V 2AN, UK – 020 7437 2413


41 Corsham Street (WeWork), Hoxton, London N1 6DR, UK – 01392 241319