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My Tea Shop

23 Duke St Hill, London SE1 2SW, UK – 07572 151944

This place was an unexpected delight!! Food was delicious. We got breakfast option #2 and it did not disappoint. The guys working in there were great! Customer service was awesome and definitely had a homey atmosphere! Would absolutely go back!

Very vool experience. Had a very lovely breakfast there (actually the best I've had during my trip to London)! Space is a bit limited but it's totally worth it to go there if you're lucky enough to get seated.

The Espresso Room

23 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5HA, UK – 07478 183183

I really like the look of this place, and although there isn't the widest selection of food it looks good so no problem. The coffee tastes great, too. I have some real reservations, which are to do with things I've seen staff do. First time I went, about a year ago, one guy - very chatty, quite extrovert, working hard at being friendly etc - was scratching his head quite a bit while behind the counter and then of course dealing with orders. Not great. It put me off enough not to go back until today. Different guy, again quite chatty etc, was giving another member of staff a scalp massage in view just through the arch into the 'backstage' area. No big problem with that (maybe not in view of customers?), but then he came out and started doing the coffee orders - no hand washing in between the two things. Sorry, but that's really not great hygiene. I guess it'll be another year before I come back and try again....

This cafe is fantastic!! The people are amazing and so are their products. The staff go out of their way to get to know you and greet you well as a repeat customer. The coffee is delicious and always 10/10. I’ve had the breakfasts here too which were amazing! I couldn’t recommend this place enough!!!! 😊

The Coffee Room

6A Grove Rd, London E3 5AX, UK – 020 3489 2140

Really pretty little coffee shop. The pastry was fresh and the cashier quick. I hope I could say the same of the coffee maker guy, needs more experience or a better understanding. They have a nice coloured back yard where to seat and enjoy your break with your eventual pet 'cos there are cookies and bowls for them too. Prices are fairly on average for fresh food.

Looking forward to my next visit here. They listen to customer feedback and act on it. Thanks for taking the hanging plant out of the way. Had a very good coffee from here today. The staff were friendly. The girl apologised about a slight delay. But to be honest I thought service here was fast considering how popular it is. I will be back to try here again soon.