The remarkable code for this website was written by Incutio - we can unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone seeking innovative code.

Who are Incutio?
Incutio are a small and extremely flexible team of individuals with a wide range of skills. We focus on a number of technologies that are core to our business with the aim of delivering 110% of our promises. We spend a significant amount of time evaluating and improving the technology we use.

Core skills that each member of the company possesses, are:

PHP (a programming language developed for the web)

XHTML (a reformulation of HTML that is easier to check for validity)

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets - a better presentation layer for the web)

XML (a way to interchange and validate data sets)

MySQL (an extremely fast and efficient database engine)

Members of our team also have other core skills that are applied to many projects:


Usability (improving the user experience of your website)

E-Commerce (advice & implementation of online sales platforms)

Pay Per Click advertising (advice and implementation of pay-per-click programmes)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - improving your sites visibility to search engines)

Flash & ActionScript (developing flash applications for a more refined user experience)

Key people

Andrew Piggott - Managing Director
Andrew (or Andy as he's known to most) has a long history in IT starting at the age of 12. Like most of the team, he grew up in the 'information age' and is attuned to the needs of companies who want to make the most out of the Internet. His growth strategy for the business is simple - helping clients suceed. It is the success of Incutio's clients that allows the business to grow and is mutually beneficial to both parties.

Andy is hands on in day-to-day activities and has a passion for technology - he can regularly be found trawling the web for interesting things at 3AM.

Andy's responsibilities include business development activities, trend spotting, consultancy and various pieces of software development.

Caroline Whittaker
Caroline is Incutio's Financial Director. She plays an important part in the week-to-week development of Incutio managing the accounts, developing commercial relationships and improving business growth.

Tim Fountain - Internet Applications Developer
Tim has been developing successful community websites for many years, the most popular of these being UKTerrorist, one of the largest Counter-Strike communities in the world for the game Half-Life.

Tim oversees developments on a day-to-day basis and is regularly a client's first point of contact. His expertise includes PHP, Databases and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Richard Livsey - Internet Applications Developer
Richard is well known in the flash scripting community amongst others. He is an expert PHP, Java and ActionScript and integrates many of our backend development projects with rich Flash interfaces.

Simon Willison - Developer
Simon is one of our more famous faces, well-known and respected in the PHP, Python and CSS communities.

Read Simon's blog

Hamilton Caven-Lewis
Hamiliton consults with Incutio developing relationships with corporate clients who are looking for content management solutions.