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Local Restaurants & Places to Eat around London

Sitar Indian Restaurant

149 Strand, London WC2R 1JA, UK – 020 7836 3730

Well, I've been to many indian restaurant and i think this one is the best of the best. Great food, Excellent service, Very friendly staff. I'm definitely going again.❤

The food was delicious and the service not pushy at all. They allow you to take your time to the point you must tell them when you are ready for the bill. The portions were amazing.

Mudmee Thai Restaurant

12A Artillery Ln, London E1 7LJ, UK – 020 7247 0772

I am a regular here for lunch. Food is decent and at good prices. One staff member (older man) is racist towards non-white people. I come here often for lunch, and I have noticed a pattern. Most staff members are very nice and pleasant to me. However, there is one staff member who treats white people differently from how he treats non-white people. If the diners are ethnically white (British, French, German, Polish, etc), he is very nice to them, chats to them, and when they leave, he says loudly, "Thank you for coming and have a good evening!" However, I am not ethnically white. My parents are from SouthEastAsia, similar to this staff member (I'm guessing he is from Thailand originally). He treats me coldly, does not chat to me, and never, ever, ever, says "Thank you for coming!" to me. The other day, at lunch, a couple of South Asian background sat to my left, and another group of men of European background sat to my right. He was very friendly towards the men of European background. And he completely ignored me and the South Asian couple. If you think I'm being paranoid -- I'm not. This is a pattern, and only happens with one specific staff member (older Thai man). All the other staff members are very nice. It's a pity, because his treatment definitely spoils my mood at lunch. I can't help but notice how discourteous he is to the non-white customers.

Authentic little place with great food, quick service and at very reasonable prices. Some of the staff do come across as a little abrupt, but I guess this is just a cultural difference, most are friendly, welcoming and happy to help. I'd definitely go back.

Tas Firin Restaurant

160 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG, UK – 020 7729 6446

This place is great value for a meal for two 3 or 4 persons. The food is cooked right in front of you, the meat is tender and service is good. The staff do whatever they can to keep customers happy. I go there at least once a fortnight. It's worth it. I love it.

Very good prices, friendly service, nice portions, quality food